I'll Do It Pet Sitting and Errand Service
When you’re away…the cat will play!
Cat Sitting in Providence RI

Cat Sitting

Cats are independent creatures but still thrive on routine for their overall sense of well-being and security. They do best in their own environment and can benefit from daily visits. If you travel for work, or if you are planning a vacation, consider letting us check in on your little furry friend. Having a set schedule of daily visits will help establish a stress-free environment for your cat and for you! If the kitty is social, we will spend time playing and/or cuddling. If they get stressed or are fearful of new people, we always make sure they're fine and then give them the space they desire. A note with any important details about our visit will be left for you.

Cat Sitting services include:

   • Freshen food and water
   • Change the litter box
   • Give medication – either by mouth or injection
   • Accident clean-up
   • Specific care for sick, elderly or young cats   
   • Take in the mail and newspapers
   • Open & closing blinds
   • Turn on/off lights
   • Put out trash cans & recycling on trash collection days

Other Pet Services Offered:

Pet Taxi: Transportation to your veterinarian - $25 hour.
Pet Store Runs: Pickup and delivery of your requested items - $25 hour + the cost of the supplies purchased. One hour minimum.