I'll Do It Pet Sitting and Errand Service
A mid-day walk … lucky dog!
Dog Sitting and Dog Walking in Providence RI

Don’t impose on friends, family or neighbors to take your dog out during the day or dog sit for you when you’re away. Trust someone who has the expertise to handle the job and someone who will treat your best friend just like their own….trust I’ll Do It!

Dog Walking

Dogs of all ages can benefit from routine daily exercise and social time. With our 20-25 minute walks, your puppy can get some of that playful energy out, your full-grown dog can stretch his legs, and your senior dog can get those joints moving! One-on-one visits are scheduled at a specific time. A note with any important details about our visit will be left for you.

We will come to your house several times a day to feed your pet, offer him lots of personal attention and play time, and get him some fresh-air with a fun-filled walk. If your dog isn't the social type one-on-one visits are perfect for those that don't do well in a group environment. And, for a nominal fee, we also offer an errand service — we’ll run a few errands for you and even pick up some fresh groceries for you so you don’t come home to an empty fridge.

Dog Walks/Dog Sitting services include:

  • Any exercise or specific play that you request
  • Freshen food and water
  • Give medication – either by mouth or injection
  • Accident clean-up
  • Specific care for sick, elderly or young dogs
  • Take in the mail and newspapers
  • Open & closing blinds
  • Turn on/off lights
  • Put out trash cans & recycling on trash collection days

Please note: We will provide waste disposal bags for all walks but you will need to provide all other supplies (food, medication, etc.). If you would like us to pick up any supplies, there is a $25 per hour shopping fee plus the cost of the supplies. One hour minimum.

Other Pet Services Offered:

Doggie Sleepovers: When you travel, there is nothing like having the peace of mind that your pet is not alone at night and is well cared for. Sleepovers are offered on a limited basis in Wendy's home or in yours. To qualify for sleepovers your dog must be housebroken, must not be aggressive, must not have separation issues when left alone (i.e. barking or destructive) and must be good with her dogs and cats. Wendy can schedule a meeting at her home no later than 1-2 weeks prior to your departure to evaluate your dog’s eligibility.
Early reservations are required for this service as availability and space is limited. Call or email us to discuss personalized rates for this service.

Pet Taxi: Transportation to your veterinarian or groomer - $25 hour.
Pet Store Runs: Pickup and delivery of your requested items - $25 hour + the cost of the supplies purchased. One hour minimum.